Useless TV Life Hack #1

If you ever find yourself the victim of the classic TV hostage situation, wherein the criminal has you in his grip with a pistol pointed to your neck, feel free to faint. Why? Well it's simple. Whether the criminal is of an empathetic nature or not, he is still a human. And as a human, … Continue reading Useless TV Life Hack #1

Pureness of a Man’s heart (Random musings #1)

Religion is irrelevant when I judge the pureness of a man’s heart. If one carefully observes all the religions in the world, there is a general consensus (small exceptions aside) that regards certain virtues, certain principles and properties as authored by the all-powerful “God”, or the “Creator”. And there are other methodologies, and vices which … Continue reading Pureness of a Man’s heart (Random musings #1)

Forbidden Chakras?

Now, I am sure this will rub a lot of purists of the chakra system the wrong way, but I have been pondering something. I wonder, what if you were not meant to unlock all of your chakras? I know it sounds crazy, because the prevailing belief is that one must activate all chakras to … Continue reading Forbidden Chakras?