Useless TV Life Hack #1

If you ever find yourself the victim of the classic TV hostage situation, wherein the criminal has you in his grip with a pistol pointed to your neck, feel free to faint. Why? Well it’s simple. Whether the criminal is of an empathetic nature or not, he is still a human. And as a human, still bound to the laws of his more primal brain — the reflexive mammalian brain. When you faint or falsely faint (or allow all your body weight to submit to gravity), the criminal will try to hold you up. In this action, he will leave himself open for the police and they will be more successful in taking him out.

Why, even if the sociopath has you hostage, he too, will cease his tensed standoff with the cops to check on you because while he views you as a toy, or object–you are still HIS object, and in that moment, a means for his freedom. If he loses you, the cops will not be as hesitant to take a shot. So the sociopath too, if faced in this situation will respond just as a empathetic human would. No matter how you cut it, fake fainting, or pretending you have narcolepsy and passing out randomly, will serve your interests. Yes, this post is utterly useless, and only inspired from binge watching tons of thrillers and crime shows on Netflix.

Perhaps this may work in real life situation–maybe not. I would try it though.

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