Forbidden Chakras?

Now, I am sure this will rub a lot of purists of the chakra system the wrong way, but I have been pondering something. I wonder, what if you were not meant to unlock all of your chakras? I know it sounds crazy, because the prevailing belief is that one must activate all chakras to become enlightened and balanced and ‘whole’ , so on and so forth.

So what if that were the case? For example, what if you were never meant to open your third eye? What if, in this life, you were only meant to reach a certain level in your chakra system?  Some purists would say no, the end goal is to achieve balance in all 7 chakras.  I know—but what if you were so egregious in a past life or you exploited that particular chakra so much in your past life, that in this life, you were banned from using it ever? What if the universe, or the cosmic force, by way of balance, enables and disables these points of energy when we abuse its characteristics or use it for our own selfish gains in a past life?

For instance, say if someone used their third eye chakra for selfish gain in a previous life, or if they used it to take advantage of people – what if he or she were banned from using it in this life? And if you tried, you would experience the negative effects that come with using that particular chakra? I don’t know –some odd thought I’ve been wrestling with.

This on some level would explain why some people, no matter how much they press on, just can’t seem to catch a break—or excel in the area where that particular chakra is lacking. What if deficiency in this particular chakra part of the punishment doled out for past-life abuses?

What if certain disease states results from that person attempting to use that ‘forbidden chakra’?  Maybe some people were only meant to operate purely from two chakras—or maybe a person was never meant to be willful in this life, due to an abuse of his  solar plexus chakra in a past life. I’m just letting the thoughts fly about—feel free to chime in.

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