Pureness of a Man’s heart (Random musings #1)

Religion is irrelevant when I judge the pureness of a man’s heart. If one carefully observes all the religions in the world, there is a general consensus (small exceptions aside) that regards certain virtues, certain principles and properties as authored by the all-powerful “God”, or the “Creator”. And there are other methodologies, and vices which are authored by the one we have termed, the “Devil”, or the “Serpent”, or “Diablo”. Whichever name suits your culture.

 It is in my opinion that the creator can only be the author of particular traits; that being Order, Truth, Reason, Temperance, Understanding, Law, and Freedom, with regard for the mental, psychological, and physical well-being of a fellow human being. When one is acting in accordance with these principles, or virtues, as I call them, I consider them acting within the realm of god, and by operating within this realm, you have willingly opened a connection that all-powerful creator, and to other humans within the creator’s bubble. There are more, but these serve as the foundation.

And as regard the serpent or the Devil, or the ‘author of confusion’ as some would label him. What defines this ‘author of confusion’? First let us ask the question, for the answering of this one question will reveal the nature of the Devil, or the Serpent. What is confusion? I believe it to be dis-order, it is anarchy, lack of law; lack of truth, disinformation, gas-lighting, manipulation, not of objects to create beauty, but of people who are reduced to objects. Alterations of reality, and the destruction of things that facilitate order (Such as labels) It is also free-will, which seems to entice the masses at first, but it is free-will with utter disregard for the well-being of another human.

It is feigned freedom, guided by chaos not only of emotions, but of the mind. It is free from temperance, free from reason, free from truth, and open to anything that satisfies the mind and the body in the present, without respect for the past, and disregard for the future. The reduction of identity (which allows a person to act in an orderly fashioned, according to natural traits gifted to him) so that one knows not of his essence, or his instinctual or spiritual purpose, and so is left wandering aimlessly, only under the mercy of the manipulator’s will and social programming. Those who willingly embrace these traits are what I believe: Acting within the realm of the “Serpent”, or “Devilish”. This however leads to new questions, many questions, that would require much more text, and much more reflections. I’ll leave that for another musing. Perhaps, I will write a book on this–but first, more knowledge must be accumulated.

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