SAGA is short for the word Sagacia, an ancient flat-world (of my creation) populated by many races and creatures. It is a world that is being created day by day. As each book is written, so another part of Sagacia is revealed to you. As you gain knowledge of one kingdom’s rise to power, you are exposed to the knowledge of another’s demise, and maybe, you will be given a detailed history of that very kingdom’s demise.

My goal for writing this series was to create something similar to Goosebumps, which was my favorite book series as a child. The only difference between this and Goosebumps is that Goosebumps had a leaning towards horror and rarely had any connecting plots. But in SAGA, we will explore many genres, ranging from thriller, crime, romance, political intrigue, and adventure, all under the umbrella of the Fantasy Genre, and based on the lure of this world. My tone tends to be light, taking a break from the grim and gritty fantasy novels most readers are so accustomed to. I like my reader to feel invigorated when they escape the cold and harsh real world.

As I continue to write more stories, you will learn about the lives of great men and women in Sagacia. You may also learn about the lives of some of the most despicable men and women. You will hear stories ranging from the common merchant, to the most prestigious Knight. From the lowliest assassin, to the most enlightened minister. There is no boundary here, and not everyone’s story has a happy ending.

We start the series with’ The Brave’, which sets the tone of the world, and gives you a brief history of a few nations in this world. In this series you will get an introduction to the magic system used, and you will be exposed to some of the other colorful races that inhabit this flat-world.

For those who are more responsive to the visual, I will be including a map of Sagacia, which will be expanded upon as I complete each book of the series. So, if you are willing, and enjoy a series that is written with a poetic and oratorical flair, please join me on this journey.

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